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Licensed natural physicians bring expertise, time and care to the whole family. We use the science of modern medicine and the wisdom of nature. Our goal is to offer sustainable and natural solutions for health conditions at any age. Our physicians are experts in their field at addressing the cause of disease, not simply suppressing the symptom.

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  • cookware

    Food Allergy or Cookware Allergy?

    Food allergies or sensitivities/intolerances are very common, and seemingly on the rise. However there are factors other than food that can influence allergenic tendencies. How the food is prepared plays an important role.

  • Dr. Young’s personal tick mitigation plan

    I love my backyard like many New Englanders, but with lots of rock walls, ground cover and butting up against a forest, this time of year, I begin to fear it! Why? Ticks! Here’s how I reclaimed the enjoyment of my backyard.

  • What’s your Mental diet?

    What we consume mentally and emotionally is just as important as what we consume physically! Here are some ways to help ensure a healthy mental diet.

  • cbd

    CBD oil: Is it interacting with your medication?

    While CBD can be a very beneficial botanical, those taking certain medications should be careful of potential drug-herb interactions.

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