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Licensed natural physicians bring expertise, time and care to the whole family. We use the science of modern medicine and the wisdom of nature. Our goal is to offer sustainable and natural solutions for health conditions at any age. Our physicians are experts in their field at addressing the cause of disease, not simply suppressing the symptom.

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  • brain_health

    Heal your Head! Naturopathic Considerations of Traumatic Brain Injury

    Traumatic brain injuries have gotten a whole lot more attention in the past few years and for very good reason.  Acute trauma to the head can have lasting effects, and repeated injury has now been clearly proven to significantly increase risk of several severe degenerative diseases, including dementia.  It is absolutely vital that we do […]

  • aerobics

    Physical Exertion for the Win!

    New research has shown that aerobic exercise can be as effective at lowering blood pressure and *more* effective at reducing visceral body fat than commonly prescribed medications.

  • gut_genetics

    How Genetics and the Environment Influence Your Gut

    A tremendous amount of research is coming out in regards to genetics and personalized wellness. Gastrointestinal health, although largely impacted by environment, is also influenced by genetics. This is why no single diet is universally successful. People have unique biochemical individuality, based on their genes, which governs how well they may tolerate different foods. Indigestion […]

  • Immune system response to Lyme disease

    Our bodies come in contact with harmful bacteria every day, some being more problematic than others. Typically our immune systems ward off the majority of these microbes without our knowledge. Other times the infection surpasses our immune system and we’ll require treatments such as antibiotics to help fight it. Generally speaking with this extra support […]

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