Physician Testimonials

“I have worked with these naturopaths before and they complement very well the whole-body and holistic approach that medicine desperately needs in our current healthcare state. Even though naturopaths do not prescribe medications, they do practice evidence-based medicine. In addition, they would complement, if not enhance patient care for the traditionally trained physician and/or other physicians of the like.” -Dr. Colin Zhu, DO

“I have known and worked with Dr. Young for the past 5 years. We have had the privilege of caring for numerous complex patients who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, unexplained abdominal pain and weight issues. We frequently discuss our patients’ needs and create unique approaches for each individual. Dr Young’s generous giving of time to each patient, in addition to her extensive knowledge is what makes her shine.

Our collaboration is a unique one, where the best of both worlds of Gastroenterology and Nutritional Support come together to help our patients.” – Dr. Peter Buch, MD

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Lauren Young for over 4 years, and cannot speak of her highly enough. She is professional, warm, and caring with her patients. Her knowledge base is superb, and I have learned much from her about nutritional biochemistry and supporting the body’s health with nutrition and natural approaches. She is also an expert in the use of nutrition and natural supplements/herbs/homeopathy with cancer. I have co-managed many patients with her, with excellent outcomes and clear communication along the way. I have also referred many patients to her who desire a more holistic approach to their health. She is very clear on what she knows, what she can manage, and when a patient needs services outside of her expertise–as should we all. In addition to working with Lauren clinically, I have have the pleasure of working with her to create a functional medicine curriculum for the family practice residency, and gained a deep appreciation for her academic knowledge and teaching skills as well. There is a reason her patients love her, and her colleagues highly respect her. I encourage you to work with Dr. Young if you have the opportunity; you and your patients will be much enriched by the experience.
– Roberta L. Kline, MD, FACOG


Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Lauren, thank you for getting me to such a healthy place… the combination of dietary changes and supplements has done wonders for me. I appreciate and admire your profession and kind attention.” –Eric, former patient

“Dr. Lauren is an outstanding naturopathic physician, extremely well educated and very personable. She is someone who is dedicated to helping people improve and achieve overall wellness. It is very rare that you find a physician like Dr. Lauren, who genuinely cares about your total well being and is focused on improving overall health, not just treating a specific condition or symptom.

Dr. Lauren treats every patient as an individual, with unique and specific needs. A course of treatment that works for one patient may not work for another, and Dr. Lauren is persistent in finding what works for each individual patient. She encourages her patients to take an active role in their own health and wellness, and she takes the time to explain everything and educate her patients. She has even provided documented research to support her recommendations for treatment. She is an invaluable resource of knowledge and she openly shares this knowledge with her patients.

I came to Dr. Lauren with the desire to truly feel better, but unsure about the cause for not feeling by best. Dr. Lauren took the time to listen to me, asked me many questions, personalized my treatment plan and together we set goals for improving my health. Today, I feel better than I have in a very long time! Through her care and guidance, I have made great strides in improving my health. I have lost 25 pounds! I have more energy and I feel “alive” again! I honestly feel that Dr. Lauren has helped me get by life back, and I’m a better wife and mother because of it! My husband and children are also patients of Dr. Lauren. I have also recommended her to several of my friends and they, too, have been so pleased with her level of care. I am so thankful that I have found Dr. Lauren and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She has truly changed my life!
– Beth, patient

My sister suggested CT Natural Health to me many times and over a 3 year period. She strongly suggested them when I told her my PCP had given me another medication from which I felt no relief. When that same doctor put me on an anti-anxiety medication (making me feel like I was loosing my mind) and told me “it was part of getting older.” I decided I didn’t want to go out anywhere in public, didn’t want to be seen and prayed god would show me what to do next. Miraculously my sister “just happened” to stop by. Finally I called CTNHS and Jean, the front desks staff, and was given an appointment weeks from then, and was put on a cancellation list. That afternoon she gave me an appointment for the following day. Dr. Ashley and Dr. Lauren are well trained, well educated, kind, compassionate and understanding.

While in some ways I started to feel better, my joints continued to be swollen and sore. Dr. Burkman Suggested I see a rheumatologist and was diagnosed with Lupus shortly after this. I continue to see Dr. Burkman as well as the rheumatologist. I feel well cared for and feel that we are on the same team– looking forward to finding the right medication and supplements to make me comfortable.

I know there are some that will read this and think there is no help for you. I felt the same way. Keep looking for doctor’s that will listen and if they don’t or they make you uncomfortable- keep looking. You are not alone! Start by giving CT Natural Health a try. It was the beginning of a new path for me.
– Laurie, patient

I made an appointment with Dr. Burkman because I was tired of getting yearly bronchitis with trips to the emergency room. I have been a patient for 2 years now and have not had any episodes of bronchitis in that time. I feel better. Dr. Burkman has taught me how my body works with foods I eat and the supplements I take. I am more aware that my health and well being begins from within. I have recommended Dr. Burkman to anyone who is interested in a healthy natural lifestyle.
– Marie, patient

I brought my daughter to see Dr. Burkman for relief of allergies. Our doctor recommended Dr. Burkman as a naturopath instead of an allergist. Dr. Burkman is incredibly kind as a human being. We connected to Ashley right away. She was very thorough, and explained the reasoning for the remedies recommended. I especially liked how she spoke to my daughter, the patient, instead of me, the mom!

I am also very grateful for the wonderful people at the front desk. They are always so accommodating for me when making appointments or picking up supplements. I am very happy with my daughter’s treatment, and Dr. Ashley Burkman!
– Debra

They didn’t just give me pills, they gave me answers” – Sarah, patient

My doctor treats our whole family with compassion and attention. [They] took the time to find the cause of my disease.” – Brook, patient

“[The doctor] incorporates being a professional with being your own personal cheerleader as they guide you towards good health and healing.” –Jen, patient

“She really listens. She really knows her craft. She really knows me!” – Jan B, patient

“There is not enough paper to put down how wonderful Dr. Young and her staff are. I have never experienced such extraordinary care and concern. Best Doc in the world!!” – Holly B, patient

“Best naturopaths I have been too. They really take the time to understand your issues and do research into your problems. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking answers and health instead of pills.” – Joe, current patient

Dr. Craig is so friendly and easy going, my daughters feel completely at ease with him in a way that they have never been with previous doctors. The level of care and attentiveness we have received has far exceeded my expectations, and the wholehearted devotion of their practice towards healing has been evident in our every encounter.     -S.T.

I am working with Dr. Fasullo to normalize my glucose levels and body chemistry through diet. After testing and determining the dietary changes needed to help control diabetes and lose weight, he made recommendations that have completely changed my way of thinking about food. Instead of “going on a diet,” I know that the way I am eating now is the way I will eat for the rest of my life. I don’t feel deprived, my weight is steadily decreasing, I have more energy, and eating this way just makes sense.  Also, my blood glucose readings are near normal with very little insulin. I am so pleased with my results that I would recommend him without reservation. – B.B.

Dr. Fasullo is very patient and takes time to inform, teach and answer my questions about diet and the lifestyle changes I need to make. His demeanor is so refreshing and exactly what I need to feel better, not only physically, but emotionally. He never, ever pressured me or made me feel inferior. He is a patient doctor who truly, truly cares about health and healing. In the end he has given me the tools I need to take charge of my own health! I will be forever thankful.  -S.M.

One of Dr. Fasullo’s most refreshing qualities is his compassion and true concern. I cannot tell you how many times he has called me to check on me over the past months. He even came to visit me in the hospital when I had emergency surgery. He did this, unasked, after his work day and even brought me some tinctures to help me upon my release. I have never had a doctor show so much concern and for these reasons (and more) I can highly recommend him. – N.G.

I found Dr. Fasullo after a long and painful saga in the conventional medical system that resulted in an unnecessary invasive treatment. My first appointment with Dr. Fasullo lasted over two hours, during which we worked together to understand my problem in the context of my entire body, my lifestyle, and my emotional well-being. In consultation with my conventional doctor, we chose a course of treatment that combined  conventional and alternative therapies, with wonderful results. My problem has disappeared, and I have been empowered to become an active participant in my own healing!  – S.M.

Today I feel worlds better, my symptoms are being kept in check, and I feel like I have my life back. I have Dr. Fasullo to thank for helping me get here. Every time I visit Dr. Fasullo, he is always willing to answer whatever questions I have and spend however much time it takes to do so. I never feel rushed. He is always friendly, compassionate, and demonstrates true concern for my health and wellbeing.  -R.L.

I haven’t felt this good since my early 20’s!          -J.L. (36 years old)

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