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Tick control for your yard

Tick season is upon us and this is unfortunately going to be one of the worst years in terms of population yet. As the prevalence increases it can seem near impossible to protect yourself from these tiny insects. It used to be the case that avoiding brushy areas of the woods was enough, however this

Hair Loss: Underlying Causes of Hair Loss in Women

One of the more common complaints in my office is that of women suffering hair loss, also called alopecia. Women often report they notice more hair in the drain after showering or in the hair brush and while there is a normal amount of hair that can be expected to be lost in a day,

Annoying Allergies – Beyond Decongestants

Spring is finally here and the gorgeous weather beckons. Unfortunately, an all too-common flare of seasonal allergies can hamper participation in outside activities. Trees, grasses, and weeds have bombarded the air with pollen, making it difficult to see, breathe, and enjoy the outdoors. Background Allergies are the most common cause of nasal congestion and sinus

Nutrition: The importance of cooking methods and health

First we were told to avoid fat, then to count calories, then certain macromolecule ratios, and now the Internet tells us a little bit of everything. But I rarely hear the discussion of how you cook your food. My mentor always said- it’s the AGEs that age you, that is Advanced Glycation End products. These

Supersize Your Salad

Do you like to eat salads? If you do, great! For those of you who would like to eat healthier, it’s natural to seek out a salad for lunch or dinner. How about making them bigger? Restaurants encourage us to supersize our steaks or French fry orders, but why not double up on the veggies?

Tea time! What you may not know about ‘tea’

Tea is the common name for the plant, Camellia sinensis.  If you were to take the leaves of this plant and steep in them hot water, you would create an infusion of tea (Camellia sinensis). This is what most people refer to as tea, and this is the most consumed beverage in the world. If

Struggling with Infertility: Try a Natural Approach

It is estimated that over 12% of reproductive age women struggle with infertility. Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after 1 year of trying, or after 6 months if over the age of 35. While the emphasis is often placed on causes pertaining to the women, male causes of infertility contribute equally. Reasons

Talking Kids in the Northwest!

Dr. Craig Fasullo recently attended a three-day pediatric conference all the way out in Portland Oregon! On topics varying from overcoming childhood constipation to sleep troubles to mood & behavior issues, he caught up on the latest research and most interesting treatments currently being explored in the field. Especially eye-opening was the information regarding childhood

Switch Up Your Smoothies!

Whether you need some new ideas for breakfast, post-workout nutrition or a mid-day boost, a smoothie might be the wholesome option you’re looking for. However, some of us fall into a smoothie rut by throwing together the same ingredients over and over again, leading to a smoothie burnout. Here are some ideas to boost nutrition

The Link Between Impaired Sleep and Metabolic Syndrome

Impaired sleep is a chief contributor to metabolic conditions such as obesity and diabetes. This holds true regardless of the type of sleep difficulties a person is having. The reason for this is due to the effects on our hormones that regulate metabolism, appetite, and our blood sugar levels. Additionally, this shift in hormones contributes

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