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Can Acupuncture Improve Sleep Quality?

Ancient traditional medicine, modern day benefits. As an avid fan of science and research, I am patiently waiting for the day that modern science can justify the measurement of Qi. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) defines Qi, loosely, as the life energy (pronounced: chi).  Despite this, there are many promising studies that support the efficacy of

Anxiety and ADHD linked to low iron in children

Iron is an important mineral for brain development in babies and children. It is necessary for the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin, which are essential for regulating mood. Additionally it is needed to help produce myelin in the brain, which acts as a conduction system for nerve firing. When iron stores are

Treating Liver Disease Naturally; a Naturopathic Approach to Fatty Liver Disease

Liver disease can be from many causes, but when there is no cause for liver disease it is called NASH, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The liver is a major source of detoxification in the body and when burdened will start to develop fatty deposits, a sign that it is stressed. When alcohol

India, Homeland of Turmeric

You have probably heard about turmeric by now, especially if you are here reading this- being a follower of a natural medicine blog. I have been using turmeric for many years with patients, since I was a student in medical school and working part time at a local organic health food store. Turmeric originates from

How to Build Strong Bones

In 2015, the British Medical Journal published a high quality meta-analysis (review of 51 studies!) on calcium intake, supplemental or dietary, and its effect on bone mineral density. The conclusion:  Increasing calcium intake from dietary sources or by taking calcium supplements produces small non-progressive increases in BMD, which are unlikely to lead to a clinically

Save the Seeds!

Did you know that your squash seeds are packed with nutrients like vitamin A and C and minerals like calcium, zinc and iron! No need to throw them out; save them, roast them and eat them! Here is a quick version Dr. Burkman likes to do! Can be done for any squash seeds, for this

Not Just Another New Year Detox Program

Around the same time each year, folks start to come into the clinic asking about detox programs and liver support diets.  It’s no surprise really; for many it’s been a long stretch over overindulgent eating and festive imbibing.  At some point, we all start to feel the effects of eating and drinking too much of

Tips for a Healthier and Happier Winter from Dr. Burkman

Hydrate! Don’t forget your water when out and about this winter! I often have patients tell me it’s harder to remember to drink water in the winter because the weather isn’t hot. While water in the summer is important too, it is just as important if not more important in the winter. Between dry air,

Mindful Eating During a MindFULL Time

The holidays are here, and along with all the glory comes stressors, colds, and unsound dietary choices.  This post will discuss reminders on how to navigate the holiday dinner table. Refer to the previous blog post by my colleague Dr. Craig Fasullo to learn about the benefits of elderberry for those pesky colds. Hydration and

Forget Flu Season…It’s Elderberry Season!

It’s that time of year again. The shorter colder days of winter bring with them an increased incidence of cold & flu through the entire population. As any teacher or parent can tell you, school children and other individuals who spend their days in close contact with a significant number of other people have an

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