Prevent Burn Out Over the Holidays

We all know that feeling of becoming rundown, overly tired and just pushing it a little too hard.  This feeling is when our bodies stress hormone, cortisol, starts to become overly worked. Cortisol gets a bad reputation, we think high cortisol equaling stress which in theory yes, the more stressed we are the more cortisol

Back to School Prevention

Shorter days, cooler nights, and the very first flashes of yellows and reds across a sea of green leaves – these are the signs of the upcoming change of seasons.  For many this means back to school – new teachers, new classes and increased exposure to the viruses that cause colds, ear infections and flu. 

Can Acupuncture Improve Sleep Quality?

Ancient traditional medicine, modern day benefits. As an avid fan of science and research, I am patiently waiting for the day that modern science can justify the measurement of Qi. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) defines Qi, loosely, as the life energy (pronounced: chi).  Despite this, there are many promising studies that support the efficacy of

Tips for a Healthier and Happier Winter from Dr. Burkman

Hydrate! Don’t forget your water when out and about this winter! I often have patients tell me it’s harder to remember to drink water in the winter because the weather isn’t hot. While water in the summer is important too, it is just as important if not more important in the winter. Between dry air,

Curious about Collagen?

From bone broth to protein bars, collagen is quickly becoming a popular supplemental nutrient for many consumers. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins found in the body; there are at least 16 different types, helping to make up the structure of skin, bone, cartilage and muscle. While collagen is most renowned for preventing

men's health checklist

Men’s Health Checklist – Beyond the Status Quo of Cardiovascular Risk Factors

  Health concerns of men are often overlooked for a number of reasons. Men are statistically less likely to seek medical advice when compared to women. The “wait until it’s broken to fix it” mentality leads to all too many preventable diseases and deaths. The following are things to add to your health checklist to

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