Dr. Burkman’s Carrot, Ginger, Sweet Potato Soup

I don’t think I make the exact same recipe twice, but this is the general recipe I use when I have vegetables that need used up and I’m having a hankering for something warm and comforting! This recipe also freezes very well and can be heated up as a starter for a meal you may

Save the Seeds!

Did you know that your squash seeds are packed with nutrients like vitamin A and C and minerals like calcium, zinc and iron! No need to throw them out; save them, roast them and eat them! Here is a quick version Dr. Burkman likes to do! Can be done for any squash seeds, for this

Not Just Another New Year Detox Program

Around the same time each year, folks start to come into the clinic asking about detox programs and liver support diets.  It’s no surprise really; for many it’s been a long stretch over overindulgent eating and festive imbibing.  At some point, we all start to feel the effects of eating and drinking too much of

Easy Coconut Flour “Corn” Bread

One of my favorite things to make to bring to a summer BBQ, clam bake or party is coconut “corn” bread. It is very easy to make, and freezes well! I like this version of corn bread as it is actually corn free for those who have sensitivities. It is also tree nut free, peanut

Supersize Your Salad

Do you like to eat salads? If you do, great! For those of you who would like to eat healthier, it’s natural to seek out a salad for lunch or dinner. How about making them bigger? Restaurants encourage us to supersize our steaks or French fry orders, but why not double up on the veggies?

Switch Up Your Smoothies!

Whether you need some new ideas for breakfast, post-workout nutrition or a mid-day boost, a smoothie might be the wholesome option you’re looking for. However, some of us fall into a smoothie rut by throwing together the same ingredients over and over again, leading to a smoothie burnout. Here are some ideas to boost nutrition

Superfood Truffles: a 6-Ingredient Recipe

In an attempt to create a super allergen-friendly, good-for-you, and easy-to-make treat, one of our staff members conjured up this awesome recipe!  She writes: “My house is typically dairy-free, and we also try to minimize gluten, so we’re used to dining with dietary restrictions.  I wanted to create a dessert that was both ‘safe’ and

Homegrown Health: DIY Fire Cider

No one knows exactly when the first fire cider was actually brewed, but North American folk medicine dates it to around the early 1800s.  Traditionally, the brew includes hand-harvested roots and homemade vinegar, but modern conveniences make this a much easier process.  Most ingredients are available at your local health foods store or co-op, but

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