Natural Treatments for Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are becoming more prevalent in recent years. Adults and children alike suffer from various forms of anxiety, including extreme fear or worry, generalized anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, post-traumatic stress, selective mutism, separation anxiety, and specific phobias. Anxiety disorders are closely related and often overlap with other conditions, including depression,

5 Lifestyle Hacks to Wake Up Your Thyroid

Hypothyroidism is a significant problem, 12% of U.S. adults will develop this. This isn’t counting the many more patients who have the symptoms (fatigue, constipation, thinning hair, weak reflexes, cold hands and feet) but not the lab values necessary for diagnosis. This is the problem with treating lab values instead of people. Below are some

6 Natural Health Tips for Travel

1. Immune tincture Taking a botanical immune support formula is a great idea to combat in flight germs. This is a very common place for people to report getting sick from. A formula including botanical medicines with antimicrobial actions as well as having an affinity for the Ears Nose Throat and Upper respiratory tract are

On Anger

Imagine the following scenario: Someone cuts you off on the interstate without signaling. Or, some jerk cuts in front of you in line and you’re already running late. Or maybe your coworker left your favorite cup in the sink again. Your body tenses and your face flushes. You clench and grind your teeth. You literally

Helpful Hints for Healthy Travel

Getting some vitamin R (rest and relaxation) is a necessary and often overlooked determinant of our health. Unfortunately, travel can be stressful and expose us to a variety of germs, which can affect our wellness. Since health is a lifestyle, not just something to practice at home, here are a few travel-friendly wellness practices. Pack

men's health checklist

Men’s Health Checklist – Beyond the Status Quo of Cardiovascular Risk Factors

  Health concerns of men are often overlooked for a number of reasons. Men are statistically less likely to seek medical advice when compared to women. The “wait until it’s broken to fix it” mentality leads to all too many preventable diseases and deaths. The following are things to add to your health checklist to

Cooking With Cast Iron

There are many benefits to cooking with cast iron cookware ranging from more evenly cooked food to improving iron in diet. The following are a few reasons to consider switching to cast-iron cooking. Chemical free nonstick cooking vs PFC coated cookware PFC’s, perfluorocarbons, are part of the chemical constituents of nonstick pots and pans. PFC’s

Detox Gets The Spotlight - from the blog of Dr. Lauren Gouin, ND

Detox Gets The Spotlight!

Detox programs exactly like the one offered by Dr. Lauren Gouin is discussed in this month’s Elle magazine! I’ve lectured on this topic in the past. I think detoxification programs are a great idea, but not for everyone. In the right setting they can support health body composition, improve energy and promote overall better

What are the adrenal glands? - from the blog of Dr. Lauren Gouin, ND

What are Adrenal Glands?

Adrenals: Your Stress Organ Modern day lifestyles exacerbate a myriad of conditions and are potential causes for many symptoms. Our bodies and organs are receiving challenges our ancestors never saw. Digestion is often compromised with poor eating habits. Respiration is under stress with poor air quality and daily shallow breathing. Some of the most stressed

Endocrine Disruptors In The Kitchen - from the blog of Dr. Lauren Gouin

Endocrine Disruptors In The Kitchen

As our environment becomes more saturated with plastics, chemicals and toxins, our bodies are being challenged in ways that our ancestors’ chemistry never had to deal with. In particular our foods have become highly processed and come in contact with more synthetic materials than ever before. We are continuing to learn the consequences of our

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