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Licensed natural physicians bring expertise, time and care to the whole family. We use the science of modern medicine and the wisdom of nature. Our goal is to offer sustainable and natural solutions for health conditions in any age. Our physicians are experts in their field at addressing the cause of disease, not simply suppressing the symptom.

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  • womanHairLoss

    Hair Loss: Underlying Causes of Hair Loss in Women

    One of the more common complaints in my office is that of women suffering hair loss, also called alopecia. Women often report they notice more hair in the drain after showering or in the hair brush and while there is a normal amount of hair that can be expected to be lost in a day, […]

  • donateBlood

    Donate Blood!

    Today I donated blood to the American Red Cross. I feel great for a number of reasons. The holiday season brings an expected shortage of blood. This is because less people donate due to weather cancellations, higher frequency of colds, and people not wanting to leave their home (hibernation). The frequency of natural disasters have […]

  • foodMindfulness

    Food Mindfulness – A friendly reminder

    The holidays are here! Time to enjoy them in a healthy fashion. I hope you made it through the candy-saturated Halloween celebration. Even if you do not celebrate this holiday, you were subjected to the marketing of sweet treats comprised mostly of milk and sugar, with (maybe) a little caramel coloring to call it chocolate. […]

  • holidayFatigue

    Prevent Burn Out Over the Holidays

    We all know that feeling of becoming rundown, overly tired and just pushing it a little too hard.  This feeling is when our bodies stress hormone, cortisol, starts to become overly worked. Cortisol gets a bad reputation, we think high cortisol equaling stress which in theory yes, the more stressed we are the more cortisol […]

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