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Connecticut's Premiere Naturopathic Wellness Clinic.

Board Certified physicians bring expertise, time and care to the whole family, practicing evidence based natural medicine.

Welcome to Connecticut Natural Health Specialists, LLC.

This clinic offers patients the “best of both worlds” approach, with physicians trained in both conventional and natural diagnostics and treatments. Naturopathic physicians are recognized as specialists trained in natural approaches to treat the cause of disease. Using lifestyle medicine, vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies and nutrition, our goal is to help the body help itself.

Every patient is treated with thoughtfulness, time and care to develop a treatment plan individualized to address their health concerns. We value the doctor-patient relationship and seek to empower our patients with knowledge and support.

Our clinic treats all ages and conditions. From high cholesterol to oncology support, ear infections to hormone imbalance, our physicians use science based natural medicine to create balance in the body and restore health.

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Meet our physicians.

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